If you have any questions about Redeemer’s accessibility, stability, and comfort features, then this video is a must see!  In it, you will learn what set Redeemer apart with its special features designed specifically for our wheelchair-bound friends.

The genesis of “Fish Redeemer” was through the understanding of the hardship and limitations that a wheelchair bound person and their families endure.  Fish Redeemer offers a uniquely constructed bay built boat that provides the opportunity for a disabled person along with their family a day of fishing, boating and taking in the wonders of God’s creation on the Chesapeake Bay and the lower Potomac.

“Redeemer” is a classic Chesapeake Bay deadrise boat, a CY 46’ Composite Yacht. Designed and built for maximum stability, comfort, and ease of access entering and exiting the boat for a wheelchair bound person. The cockpit is intentionally designed to be uncluttered to allow easy maneuverability for a wheelchair and a lift is provided to allow a wheelchair easy access to the private handicap friendly bathroom. Virtually, a wheelchair bound person enjoys being able to roam from stern to bow with ease. Below are a few of the many quality attributes incorporated in the boat.

  • Coast Guard inspected
  • All fiberglass hull 16’ beam, CY 46’ Composite Yacht
  • 2-500 HP Diesel “Cummins” for power and redundancy
  • HD Radar, 2 VHF radios, state of the art “Garmin” chartplotter/Sonor electronics
  • “Seakeeper”gyro equipped for maximum stability
  • Generator to provide 120 V. power
  • Air conditioned and heated cabin
  • Large private handicap friendly bathroom

“Redeemer” departs from St. Jerome’s Creek at Taylor’s Cove Dock located at 49600 Freeman Road, Ridge, MD.  The grounds and dock have been designed specifically for the needs and concerns for wheelchair bound guests.  Grades and paths are graded and maintained for easy mobility.  There is a shaded arbor located at the edge of the parking lot to provide a reprieve from the summer sun.  The dock’s fish cleaning station is generous and shaded as well, providing a chance for everyone to gather as the day’s catch is cleaned.  At the end of the fixed dock is a ramp to a floating dock which allows a wheelchair to be rolled directly unto the boat via an opening provided at the boat’s transom.